J. Stivín, J. Šindler - Tunel music bar

Concert date and time: 13. 7. 2023 10 p.m.

A concert by a Czech jazz multi-instrumentalist who will celebrate a significant life anniversary this year.

Jiří Stivín (1942) is one of the most original and versatile personalities, from whom the most interesting ideas on the domestic and foreign music scene have come for over six decades. Every meeting with this literally restless and inquisitive modern joculator is something like a small musical adventure, a step into the unknown, where something new awaits all participants every time. In harmony with everything he was - a child playing the violin without enthusiasm, a props maker at Barrandová, a graduate of the film faculty of the Prague Academy of Music, a student at the Royal Academy of Music in London or the conductor of the National Theater's drama orchestra - he tried to get to the bottom of everything and look beneath the surface of things and problems that interested him.
Jiří Stivín will be accompanied by his longtime musical partner, guitarist Jaroslav Šindler.

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