If you are interested in a gift voucher, please contact the organizers
at, or on tel. 721 585 178.
Upon payment, you will be sent a unique voucher,
which can then be exchanged for tickets to any concert.

Tickets for the winter cycle of Subscription Concerts 2023/24 are on sale now!
Purchase online below or at the Tourist Information Centre in Trebon.

Tickets 10/26/2023 Kristina Fialová Nouzovská & Petr Nouzovský

Tickets 23. 11. 2023 Belfiato Quintet

Tickets 14 Dec 2023 Bella Adamova & Patrick Vacík

Tickets 25 Jan 2024 evening meeting with Martina Kociánová and Jiří Strach

Tickets 22 Feb 2024 Ivo Kahánek

Tickets 21 Mar 2024 Trio Bohémo

Subscription card for the whole cycle can be purchased at the Tourist Information Centre of Třeboň for the price of 1.300,- 1.500,- CZK

Tourist information center
Masarykovo náměstí 1, 379 01 Třeboň
tel: +420 384 721 169 /
cultural clerks
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