Třeboňská nocturna – a summer festival of classical music whose aim it is to bring top Czech and foreign performers to Třeboň and to offer visitors to the town music that at other times is only found on the most respected of Czech and world stages. Quality music played by well-known performers and the cosy atmosphere of the square or chateau in Třeboň combine to guarantee visitors to the festival an unforgettable, uplifting experience every year.

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In a few days the 20th annual Třeboňská Nocturna Subscribers’ Concert Series will begin. It’s hard to believe that 20 years spent in the presence of beautiful music have passed so quickly. It goes without saying that on the occasion of this “jubilee” anniversary, we would like to offer a programme that will surely be a celebration of this kind of art. All of the artists that have promised to take part this year are among the best we have to offer, and not a single concert can be considered a “weaker” concert.

The festivities will begin with the Prague Cathedral Choir of the St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle. Along with a 17-member choir, including the cathedral brass section, conductor Josef Kšica will present music in honour of the 700-year anniversary of the birth of Charles IV. After last year’s opening concert by the Prague Philharmonic Choir, this will be very interesting entry into this year.

The Apollon Quartet will perform during the November concert. We will be able to admire the mastery of all of the musicians, as well as their selection of songs and the interpretation method. Through a genre overlap, the group of young players will be sure to mainly please those who are not overly serious devotees of classical music.

We always choose Advent Concerts performers with great care so that we are able to evoke the Christmas atmosphere. This year we contacted two artists who had previously performed in Třeboň, always with great success. This time we will be able to enjoy the art of National Theatre soprano Kateřina Kněžíková, who won over many fans last year when she performed together with her husband Adam Plachetka. Kateřina Englichová is certainly the best we have to offer when it comes to playing the harp. The combination of a beautiful voice, harp and Christmas will certainly be very pleasant.

During the January concert we will be able to admire Prof. Ivan Klánský and his son Lukáš. They have already both separately performed in Třeboň in the Subscribers’ Concert Series. We are happy that this time we will hear them play together during one concert.

The voice of Valerie Zawadská is more than compelling. In her performance you can hear excerpts from the correspondence and biography of Antonín Dvořák. This is why the dramaturgy selected the “Slavonic and American Quartet”, which will be performed by the Doležal Quartet. Their premiere performance in Třeboň will definitely be a great experience.

The final concert will surely be the culmination of the entire cycle. Our invitation was accepted by the young and extremely talented violinist Olga Šroubková. Between 2014 and 2015 she auditioned for the position of concert master of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, and on the basis of advancing to the second or third round, on several occasions she had the opportunity to act as guest concert master of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. She is the winner of many international competitions. She is not yet very well known in the Czech Republic, but we can expect a great artistic future for her. She will be accompanied on piano by Slávka Vernerová-Pěchočová.

I look forward to meeting you at individual concerts.

Sincerely yours,
Miloš Končický, Festival Director

History of the festival

The Třeboňská nocturna summer festival has been staged regularly in the second week in July since 2004, following on from the older “Subscription concerts” that have been held in autumn and winter since 1996 onwards.

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