Třeboňská nocturna – a summer festival of classical music whose aim it is to bring top Czech and foreign performers to Třeboň and to offer visitors to the town music that at other times is only found on the most respected of Czech and world stages. Quality music played by well-known performers and the cosy atmosphere of the square or chateau in Třeboň combine to guarantee visitors to the festival an unforgettable, uplifting experience every year.

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In a few days the 2017 Třeboňská nocturna International Music Festival will begin, the 14th time this festival will be held. Even though we are very experienced in organising similar events, we still get just as nervous as we were in the first year and still ask ourselves whether we have prepared everything as well as we could have done. And it is because of this experience that we know that the quality of the preparations often does not match the actual result. We need to be able to admit honestly to ourselves that we have done everything for the successful running of the whole week. But during it, all we can do is wait and see how the natural course of events unfold. Will the artists come? Will they be well enough to give their best performances? Will the weather be kind? Our heads are full of lots of similar questions. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now we are still in the preparation stage.

The drama people have again chosen excellent artists, have put the individual programmes together in a way which we are sure will appeal to our audiences and have managed to present to our guests in writing everything that will take place on the various stages. The production people are again breaking the technical requirements of the individual concerts down into small details regarding chairs, podiums, signs, traffic changes, advertising banners, toilets and many, many other things that ensure that our audiences are happy. Photographers are again preparing to share their experiences from the individual concerts with newspaper readers. Television workers are getting ready to film the individual concerts and to talk to guests and artists. Their aim will be to capture the atmosphere and to then bring it into the homes of people watching Třeboňská nocturna on ČT Art, just as they do every year. Czech Radio employees are selecting which of the concerts to record and later broadcast on stations both in this country and abroad.

Stacks of various permits, applications and approvals are necessary in order for the festival to take place. Printers prepare tickets, programmes, posters, the Festival Newspaper and everything to ensure that the event is given as much attention as possible. And because Třeboňská nocturna has now become a kind of institution, we need to talk to ministers, members of parliament, ambassadors, chairmen, CEOs and directors about their participation and how to make sure they are happy. And I have not even mentioned parking, flowers, hostess services, transport for guests and artists and a whole range of other things.

Whenever somebody asks me: “What do you actually do?” and I answer “I prepare and organise Třeboňská nocturna”, I regularly hear the reply “And what work does that involve?”. I really do not consider it to be work at all. That is because we do it willingly and look forward to our audiences and our greatest reward is when people give our artists a standing ovation for their excellent performances and leave the halls or venues and stop and tell us “That was a lovely evening”. It is a wonderful feeling. Hopefully we will experience it again at this year’s Třeboňská nocturna. Wish us luck and come and listen to some true masters.

Sincerely yours,
Miloš Končický, Festival Director

History of the festival

The Třeboňská nocturna summer festival has been staged regularly in the second week in July since 2004, following on from the older “Subscription concerts” that have been held in autumn and winter since 1996 onwards.

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